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The Treasure Chest is a brick and mortar retailer of toys and games that focuses on highly-curated inventory and values quality over quantity. After being in the business for over 30 years, The Treasure Chest wished to create a presence in the E-Commerce market to showcase its products, while maintaining the brand image of tradition, fun, and creativity.


My Role

This UX Design assignment was a conceptual design exercise, which allowed me to explore various techniques to reach the optimal solution for my client. As the sole designer for this project, my responsibilities were Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Analysis, Card Sorting, Information Architecture, Interface Design, Wireframes and Prototype. 


The Process

Competitive Analysis

Since The Treasure Chest didn't yet have an online presence, the initial step I took was to understand who the online sellers of games & toys were and what the overall market looked like at the time of the research. Based on the client's 'Must Have' features, the competitive landscape showed the following results:

Card Sorting

The card sorting technique was used to generate a category tree, and by doing so, it helped me further design the menu structure & website navigation path.


The following personas were created to represent the different user types of the Treasure Chest online store.

Jason's wants & needs: options, accessibility, trust/reliability & cool factor

Jenny's wants & needs: simplicity, fair pricing, flexible shipping, great customer service

Daniel's wants & needs: up-to-date inventory, device flexibility, fast shipping, user generated content

Sitemap for The Treasure Chest Online Store

High-level User Flow

Insights from Competitive Analysis

Based on the insights gained from Competitive Analysis, the following suggestions were made to my client:

  • Save cart option

  • Sign-up using email address for news & deals

  • Related toy and/or popular toy suggestions

  • Option to buy parts & refills

  • Social media option for sharing

  • Wishlist option

  • Shipment tracking

  • Incentive program (i.e. Earning points via social media, newsletter, etc.)

Prototype Design

The Treasure Chest Homepage

Category Page

Sub-Category Page (Classic Toys)

Product Detail Page

Checkout Review Page


Lessons Learned

For me, the main takeaway from this project was understanding the importance of Heuristic Evaluation and Information Architecture in UX Design. I learned that both of these practices were essential in creating a well-designed E-Commerce website, and even though The Treasure Chest didn't yet have an online store, it became clear to me that heuristic evaluations led to easily identifying elements that work well from those that felt "clunky" on competitors' websites. There was a much higher chance of me getting to that final step of clicking the "Confirm Purchase" button when websites demonstrated a well-organized and well-labeled information.

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